Upcoming Tournament


2015 MN Hall of Fame & Banquet

(Life Time Fitness - Bloomington South)

January 16 - 18

(Time Conflicts Honored On Friday ONLY!)


Entry Fee & Deadlines

First Event:  $45  /  Second Event: $20 / Third  Event (Must Be Mixed or Centurion Only):  $10

College & Juniors (21 & Under): $30 (All Events) / Juniors In A/B or 2nd Generation: $15 (All Events)

Additional Guest Banquet Tickets:  $30 (Can be selected during online signup) 


USRA Membership Required

Yearly Membership:  $50 / Single Event: $20 / Junior & College Membership: $25

NOTE:  Centurion  Doubles (Combined Age Must Be 100+)


Registration Online Only

(Call or Email the Tournament Director  If You Are unable To Register)

Tournament Director:  Dave Tornell  612-616-7009

Email:  torneld@charter.net

Entry Deadline:  Monday, January 12th (10:00PM)

Late Entry Deadline:  Tuesday, January 13th (12:00PM)

Late Fee:  $10 (Not Negotiable)


Start Times Available

Thursday, January 15th After 6PM on the MRA Website



New to Racquetball

To play a game of racquetball you only need a few things to get started. Most racquetball equipment and accessories can be purchased seperately or starter kits can be purchased for about $30 from a club proshop or sporting goods retail store.

Racquet (Cost anywhere from $20-$200, depends on budget, and willingness to pay for feel and technology.)
Eyewear (Recommended and important, helps reduce the risk of injury if you are hit in the eye.)
Ball (Balls come in different colors such as blue, green, lavender and black. Any color will do.)
Glove. (Optional, this will help you keep a firm grip on the racquet during those fast rallies.)
Shoes (Any type of indoor court or tennis shoe, there are shoes designed specifically for racquetball.)

For more information on how to play, tips from the pro's, video instruction and more visit Racquetball University online.

Do you know someone who is interested or new to racquetball? Send them an e-mail about this website.

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As a USA Racquetball member, you show the world how much you enjoy the sport of racquetball. As a member you receive a variety of exclusive benefits available only to USAR members such as--Racquetball Magazine, filled with instructional and training tips delivered right to your door, merchandise and apparel discounts, air and travel discounts, local and national tournaments, as well as developmental programs. Join today by clicking here. 


 * Over $100,000 of all membership dues are returned to states to assist with local program development.



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